Jpeg to GDI texture?

Hi all ,
is it posible to use a Jpeg on to a GDI render ???
THX , (if someone can help )


you might be able to create a patch which reads a jpg and creates a patch with an insane number of Point nodes to draw the JPG pixel by pixel :)

don’t laugh, i made this patch few days ago.
not for serious reasons…

Texture (GDI).zip (3.57 Kb)

i do laugh. i was already delaying my post 10 minutes just to give you time to be first and have that insane patch ready :)

Thanks you all ,solved the problem by drawing the picture on to the gdi. (few hours of pure fine Art )

LOL @ Kalle ;)

For serious stuff now, AK73.

GDI is CPU heavy, so it is better not to use it for anything big. I know the Text in GDI is a bit better, so do what you must do in GDI, and use a GDITexture (EX9.Texture) node, so you can use it as a texture for a quad.

ok if we all have the time for fun patches…
heres a different approach:
resolution indipendent!:)

neat!.. no text …

Thank’s Viktor that was what I needed yesterday! (now I know it better )

THX so much for Answer.

@victor: very nice!