Joint Rotations - from Kinect Skeleton to Matthias Zauner's skeleton nodes


I’ve been trying for a while to get the kinect skeleton working with these skeleton nodes but haven’t quite nailed it.

The problem is that in the elbows and knees of the skeleton, in certain positions the rotation I’ve calculated becomes wildly wrong. This happens particularly in the elbows when the arms are down close by the body’s side.

The tricky thing is that Matthias’ skeleton nodes use a parent/child structure where each bone requires a rotation local to it’s parent. My approach was to subtract the rotation of the parent from the child to leave me with just the child’s rotation. This has worked but created some inconsistencies as you can see in the attached patch.

I then tried to use the bone and inverse kinematic nodes to work out the correct rotation for these ‘knee’ joints but haven’t quite managed.

Can someone help please? :)

Note that you don’t need a kinect to use the attached patch…

Knee Joint (151.8 kB)

How can I use theese patch with kinect? Which skeleteon node output should I connect?
(sorry everybody for the stupid question)


the skeleton is hardest thing you can imagine, don’t think something plug and play will be available ever

hello mrboni, where did you get the data “JointOrientationsXYZ” you use in the patch that you put as an example.
OpenNI node. have this data but separately. ie. Orientation X XYZ, Orientation Y XYZ, Orientation Z XYZ . How to gather data? There is some documentation on this issue?

continued here: for Kinect2