Joint AVI Player

Hi there,

Time to open a new topic since the previous one gets very long…

After sometimes without the possibility to read Avisynth scripts on my machine (i suspect k-lite pack behind this!!), i finally got it working tonight… Yippie!!
So i tried to fix the loop bug in Elektromeier’s JointAVIPlayer…and somehow made it. If you want to try (maybe its only working for me) and report what’s working what’s not, you’re welcome.
Pardon the rough and messy workaround… some smart minds around would probably like to rework this. But it’s a start… btw: added a scratching feature :)

notice:This is just the player so you need to join your AVIs before with Elektromeier’s AVIJoinScripter! (5.3 kB)

Oooops, sorry!! Forget the previous patch… Still the buggy one. This one should work :)

The only thing is if you’ve selected the last video in the Index, and you’re not in loop mode, the playback will stop at the end of this one… (5.5 kB)

It’s works very nice, but only with ffd fake avi. I think, we can make “now playing” and “file list” working with fake avi or remove it. Also, can be very cool make previews for loops. Elektromeier send me version of joiner, thats create preview images, but i dont know, how add they too my patch.

UPD: When i use latest AVS alpha (2.5.8 a2) it’s work correctly with avs script too. I think, latest alpha more smooth and compatible for our target. But fake avi with latest AVS alpha give me more speed. On my single core AMD 3800+ with fake i have about 27-30% CPU load. With AVS script- about 66%. Dont know, why.