Joining strings

Hi All

as part of a research project I need to read the live wind data from a GILL windsonic anemometer.

I have made the serial connection between the device and computer and have set it up to communicate with vvvv.

mostly it works fine, but some times I do not receive a complete message in one frame and so the message gets split up.

Knowing start and end characters I would like to reassemble the messages based on what is between the start and end characters. Something a bit the opposite of Separate (String).

Or alternatively something that joins all slices before the ones containing

I know I could probably do something with sift and + spectral, but a node that does this would be cool.

What I get from the anemometer looks like this:

Q, 229, 002.74, M, 00, 16


= Start of string character (ASCII value 2)
WindSonic node address = Unit identifier
Wind direction = Wind Direction
Wind speed = Wind Speed
Units = Units of measure (knots, m/s etc)
Status = Anemometer status code (see Section 11.5
for further details)
= End of string character (ASCII value 3)
Checksum = This is the EXCLUSIVE – OR of the bytes
between (and not including) the
and characters.
ASCII character
ASCII character

isnt tokenizer doing just this ?

uuh, Thanks U7

this is it! I just need to connect the update pin of tokenizer to only update on data. Otherwise it behaves strangely