Join vvvv/vl-workshop @Retune Festival 2018

Hi folks,

as part of our Retune Festival 2018 satellite events, the makers of vvvv will introduce you to their new visual programming language VL, which they’ve been working on for the past years. It is targeted at artists, designers and programmers who prefer a more visual approach to programming.

They’ll show how, with just a few clicks, to create complex, interactive graphics or how to achieve advanced computer-vision tasks like face-tracking, within just a few minutes of using VL.

What else is happening at Retune?
The Retune Festival is a biennial event at the intersection of Art, Design, and Technology in Berlin. In its fifth edition the Festival will bring together more than 500 curious minds between September 27th – 28th.

In the quest for speculative futures, the festival explores the role of art, design and culture in digital transformation. The event questions in playful, critical and creative ways how technologies like IoT, augmented reality, artificial intelligence, and interactive spaces will shape tomorrow’s society. Leading artists, researchers and engineers will give insights into their work. In talks, panels, workshops, studio visits and performances, visitors can experience and rethink the role of technology.

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