Job - Urgent: need vvvver with good level shading/rendering and animation skills. Oculus Rift experience desirable :)

There is a project beginning almost immediately creating a non interactive experience for the Oculus Rift (if there is such a thing…)

Due to other commitments I need someone to majorly assist with this, even though I’d love to do it all myself :)

You will be provided with high quality textured models, and likely useful things such as specular and reflection maps. These elements must be shaded and composited to a high level and and animated into a series of scenes to view on the Rift. Ideally you would not be afraid of parallax occlusion mapping :)

Project is based in the UK, though I’m happy for people to be based abroad. Reasonable English necessary.

Well paid, though you should be a quick worker as there is a time pressure on this.

Project likely to commence in roughly a week and need to be delivered roughly 3 weeks after.

Please contact -


(edit: not a problem if you can do the above but have never used a Rift btw)

damn, no time for this here :S

Sounds cool MrBoni! Also booked out already unfortunately though. Pity, really like making stuff for the rift.

Shame. Both of you would be on the hot list :)

Feel free to pass this on, or recommend someone.

If I can’t find someone I’ll have 5 projects running simultaneously, not 4…!

I’d be up for it too, but I have 3 projects on already…

I’d be up for it - but I have a life to consider.

Am I on the ‘hot’ list?

If it would make you happy xd

i’d be in :)

sweet. Who else wants to join the hotlist?

me but im affraid of parallax occlusion mapping ^^^^^^

parallax occlusion mapping is so outdated, use tessellation and get proper depth buffer ;)

parallax occlusion mapping and me got friends after a long fight a while ago, so i have to defend its honor ;)
afaik most of the (important) next-gen games use both, pom AND tesselation/displacement. (In some cases pom still seems to be less expensive…)

Just to say, this position has been filled. Thanks everyone who responded