Jittering when fullscreen?

I am abit confused, My patch is very simple, and I am using the EX9 Renderer with default settings and rotating 2d texture planes.

When I press ALT+enter on the window for fullscreen, the animation jitters/ frames stop and start - i tried doing a lower resolution 800x600 and I still get the same problem.

If I have the Renderer in window mode and stretch it to fill the screen (1400x1050) I get a much better picture at the playback is smooth.

Why does fullscreen give such poor results - even at lower resolution?

You could try messing with mainloop, setting it filtered and lowering the frame rate, how howres are the textures, that could cause troubles too, but its odd its worse in fullscreen!


I thought its very odd worse at fullscreen,

Your suggestions work great! I limit to 30 frames/sec and filtered and it runs smoothly and perfectly - at any resolution! :D

are there videotextures involved?

and does the same happen with a fresh renderer (where all of the many subtle settings set to reasonable defaults)?

basically playback in fullscreen should be always faster better preferrable and free of jotter compareed to windowed mode (at least if you dont have videotextures with waitforframe set to 0). so please report us your findings…

It happens even with a new renderer node, and theres no video textures just one PNG with alpha that is 1000x1000 pixels

what graphic card do you use? create a Renderer (TTY) and tell us eventual error messages…

@oschatz: Im not sure how to use the TTY Renderer node, but I think found the problem:

I am using a laptop, and I had the power settings to change the CPU between levels 3-8(Depending on demands), if i set always full power(8) there is no problem.

I am using this and mainloop now and everythign works perfectly!