Its all about color

Hi devvvvs,

i am a student from germany and i would like to realize a project in vvvv.
It is my first project and we had a workshop in vvvv, but i need help with this project.
It will be very helpful if you guys could give me some advice and tips.

In my pronect, i would like to scan the color of the cloth of the people map it to a abstract composition of triangles or rectangles.
Here is a short draft of my idea.

Could anyone help me.

My first problem is to track the color of the cloth. Maybe someone wears a blue shirt, i am not able to scan the color, because there are many different blues because of light an shadows.
how could i clip the colous of one blue?
And how could i subtract the color of the skin out of the picture.

I am looking forward for some advice or tips.

Thank you so much!

You could use kinect skeleton tracking to find out where to measure the color.
then place pipets at these coordinates to measure in kinects colorstream.
this way you just get the colors related to the person.

of course the color will still change depending on the lightning relative to the cloth. so maybe you an choose a light situation which dont cause to much shading.

other tricks you could try to get the “pure” color:
-measure several points around the wanted spot and average the color or just get the most prominent color.
-damp the color over time
-use hsl join/split to get control over the lightness / correct the shadows.