Iterate over Spread item by item and rebuilding it afterwards

Here’s a screenshot of my sketch:

  1. NF_VEVENTGetter fechtes .ics files from a server. Those contain information about calendar entries in so called VEVENTS. It returns a spread of all those found.
  2. The NF_VEVENTParser uses multiple RegExpr to get certain information from the event (start, end, name, reoccurance)
  3. I can’t pass the spread itself to it, as not all VEVENTs contain all information (especially reoccurance). So if I pass 6 VEVENTS in and 3 don’t have reoccurance, those RegExpr will contain 3 slices, while name f.ex. contains 6 slices. Which makes it impossible to match them together again afterwards. That’s why I’m using GetSlice.
  4. The two NF_EventHandler check, wether the passed in event is due to today or tomorrow and outputs its name if so.

I would now automate the population of a spread with those names. Right now I can go through the slices with the slider, look at the events one by one and see in the output if that particular event is due to today or tomorrow.

Is there any way that’s possible. I looked at InsertSlice a bit, but I didn’t find a way to automate all of it.

P.S.: The censored bit is the URL, username and password for the server the .ics-files are fetched from.
P.P.S.: This is my first vvvv project, so I might be missing something obvious here

Hi, welcome to forum.
You’d better look on to VL for that or use a custom C# plug

About your problem it sounds like a work for Sift, Sort or Occurance
The way to deal with that stuff is to split data on keys, like yo do with regex, but you have to maintain order and amount of slices, so then you can sort and getslice…

Since there is no snapshot of how the data looks it’s no much i can help with but i can say given it 6 slices and receiving 3 is sounds incorrect for me. The best way if you upload your regex patch with sample data illustrating the problem… Screen shot ain’t helping that much…

Hey antokhio,

thanks for the reply. Finally got time to check it out. A colleague of mine just discovered VL and said it might be what I’d need. For me it looks like it brings some basics of object-orientated programming to vvvv.
Also thought about just using AvoidNIL and passing empty strings when the RegEx can’t find anything.

I’ll definietly check out VL and try to work something out, thanks again for your help!

Best wishes

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