IStringOut Character encoding


I’m working on a Exiff/Iptc Metadata Plugin and have some problems concerning Character Encoding … it seems that all “Umlaute” and “Sonderzeichen” arrive as ? which basically means that the character is not known (wrong charset). Is there anything I could do to avoid this? I’m also not exactly sure what character encoding is used in the image data. but the images come from osx so i assume that they are encoded in utf-8!

Ok, it seems that the character encoding of the .jpf iptc data is Latin !, cp1252. I assume vvvv wants utf8 right?! so, maybe I should look for a latin 1 to utf8 converter!

vvvv deals with UTF8 and ANSI Latin CP1252. Note that text based nodes like IOBox (String) Text (GDI) , Length (String) have an input which allows you select which string encoding you are using. All nodes default to ANSI though.

Note also that the pin inspector (as well as Herr Inspektor) will always display strings in ANSI. So strings which look wrong can still be displayed and used correctly.

To double check all encoding issues use the Byte (String) node, which will display everything in hex.

i realized already that vvvv takes utf8 or ansi, depending what i choose. it seems that the problem is inside the plugin i’m workin on. i wraped a already existing metadata library and it seems that the data gets somewhere lost there.

much thanks for the clarification of herr inspector behavior.