Isnull tcp output


i’m just working on a patch by using the tcp-patch (with flash). if flash doesn’t send anything (e.g. it isn’t started) tcp output is null(Ø).

is there any way to detect that, like a EXPR( isnull(a) )??

The question confuses me. There is a difference between a zero- sliced spread (denoted by the sign Ø in vvvv) and a one-sliced spread with a string of length zero (which is to be expected on the TCP output when no data arrives).

You can test for empty strings with = (String) . Obviosly Length (String) is also helpful.

If you have Ø at the output this may be because one of the inputs is Ø. In any case you can test for Ø by using Count (String) and checking whether its 0 or not.

Hey thank you,(Count(String)) works!

Yea it’s quite strange for me too.
But this … is a way to achieve the objective!

regards, schmola

tcp.PNG (15.8 kB)

ok i see.

the TCP (Network Server) indeed outputs an empty spread if no connection is present; as soon as more computers connect to the same server, you will get as many slices as you have senders.

Its a little strange that your Flash client doesnt keep the connection open. In fact i expect the communication to be faster if the TCP connection stays open, as being able to open and close connections is one of the main features of TCP) (i agree that Flash doesnt seem to be able to send UDP though).

the TCP (Network Client) outputs as many slices as it has inputs, and that was the node i was referring to.