iSight cam disguising itself as USB Video Device

I know this is a stupid driver bug (um yeah, call it a Mac bug if you like) and the iSight definitely isn’t my favourite cam to use, but it’s OK for testing purposes if you don’t have anything else around.

What’s the deal:
I’m experimenting with the Contour Node, using the iSight as a testing device. Both the VideoIn Node and the Device Manager call the iSight a USB Video Device and it’s performing darn slow. The iSight actually is a Firewire USB Cam, so this must be some kind of driver issue.

How to fix this:
Dunno. I can’t seem to have it accept any other driver, although I’m not experienced with XP under it’s hood, so it’s likely somebody knows how to get this right. Right?


?.. no text …

Now that I’ve found out, that the iSight is a USB device after all, according to wikipedia, I’ll try reinstalling the BootCamp 2.1 drivers. If that fails to resolve the issue, I’ll resort to buying some old video cam of some sorts … grr.

Of course it did NOT resolve the issue, I’m now off to eBay … but I still am puzzled why this device sometimes shows up as Apple iSight in the Device Manager and has it’s name changed from one second to the other to USB Device. Well … 8I