Is VVVV the right software for this?

Hello everyone!!

I realized the linked image using Photoshop’s gradient tools and fusions methods as vivid light, etc., and immediatly started to fantasize about how cool it could be in motion.
So I created small animations repeating the gradient in little bit different direction, working on many levels and merging them as a single gif (or working on video-editing program).


Obviously I know this is not the right way to do a work like that and desired to know how to do this kind of things with a generator or something like that.

Since many years ago I have been following artists as Quayola and PussyKrew and I noticed that VVVV is one of the programs which they use to create their art.

I guess I’ll have to study a lot before to be able to re-create what I did in these drafts of mine, and maybe it’s something that could be easy realized with some more video-oriented software, but I’d like to read some opinions and advices from people here before and really be glad to talk a bit about this :)

cheers! ;)

Pretty much anything is possible to do in vvvv, it’s just the event handling (programming interaction) that get tricky on big projects, like video games etc.
This looks like simple 2d texture fx to me…Just find and use the right texture fx node… double click on patch to open the list of nodes and type “ex9.texture” will bring all texture fx nodes. I have attached a screenshot of an example and also an example patch, this isn’t exactly that blueflame effect but it’s a pretty close example and is animated with an lfo and uses an exmaple texture fx, in this case lecloneur’s “lava” texture fx.

This is a basic simple example of how to use texture fx so it should help you get started, you can “mix” textures using “blend” node and you know chain different texture fx one after the other or together…

Peace man welcome to vvvv. enjjjjoy

texturefx_example.v4p (5.0 kB)

try plasma texture with scale on one axis = 0

Ohh thank you so much for the answer!! I’ll check the example as soon as I can install VVVV on my mac, I realized I need windows for it :/

see you soon, thanks for your welcome too! :)