Is vvvv already dead?

@domj Skia and Xenko is multiplatform so the renderers are not the showstoppers behind crossplatform stuff. If anything really the UI will be the most challenging, although again if UI is rendered with Skia entirely then it also should be fine. For OS windowing you have AvaloniaUI (and there’s Dock wink wink 😜) which work with .NET Core. I don’t know if VL uses anything which is for .NET Framework but it’s not there for .NET Core. Also the problem there is converting such a big project between the two is not soo hard but not exactly straightforward either + you might discover some components you use are not there yet with .NET Core in the process.

I know, I was talking mainly about the reliance on the outdated and platform specific Windows Forms framework. Replacing with AvaloniaUI does sound like a sensible choice and it even seems touch support might be ready by the time it’s needed :D