Is this possible with VVVV?

Hi Community,

right now I’m on a special project and I’m not sure if VVVV is the right tool to realize it. Maybe you can help me:

The idea is to create a simple soundmaschine.
There is a touchdisplay for control.
You see 5 mobile phones from different time areas on the screen. If you choose one, a typical song from this year will be played.
While playing the song, you have also the chance to add up to 5 sounds from the mobile phone, for example the flap. These sounds should be repeated in different time intervals for example on each beat 1 and 3 of the song.
It should be also possible to change the bass, mid and heights for each sound individual. The value of the filtering should be send to an external device.

What do think, is this possible?

Best regards,

sounds very doable, the visual part sounds easy and the audio part can be done with VAudio and some VST plugins…

Thanks a lot for the quick response!
That’s a good point with the VST, there are tons of plugins. So finaly I have to find the right one.

is there a VST audio player where it is possible to change files programatically from vvvv?
EDIT: change audio files I mean

Why don’t you try with Pure Data?
You can also load it as VST (never tried)

oh, I mistook the inability to play audio from video files with not having a fileplayer, but there is a Filestream (VAudio), so there is such afile player I was looking for, just not for video

the FileStream (VAudio) should be fixed now, please check with the latest version: