Is the RandomValue node random or pseudorandom?

Hey there,

i am loking a bit into this whole random thing and i am asking myself how the Random (Value) node generates its numbers?
Looking into the “about” nodesection on the vvvv-site does not offer me any information. It seems to be broken on the Random node^^

Does anyone have a clue.



glad that finally someone asked the question to my answer from 2008:

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ha! how could i not find that with google^^
so that pseudorandom it is.
i had a feeling ;) especially when i see the pricing of those real random number generating cards!!!

but could you tell me which kind of random function the node is using?

i have been looking some videos and they always state that most of the functions need a “seed” and sometimes more the more complex the random function is.

it’s a normal LCG, the algorithm most libraries use. details are listed here, look for borland delphi:

Thanks for the info :)

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