Is SoundLight USBDMX still working?


has anyone used the DMXUSB from soundlight recently?
is it still working with win7/beta26 and this product:

if not, whats a simple alternative to it?


You can use it with little cat as usbdmx2, lin in my user page
Normally it will work in sending data. Otherwise enttec pro is a good product. Art net series are also better (enttec ode, lanbox) etc…

sorry for answering that late:

avoid that Soundlight interface: there is no real support for win7/vvvv.
in general i recommend using artnet-interfaces. no hassle with drivers even in future OSs.

if you need a single universe: is running fine also should do it

if you spend the double price you even can get an 8-port interface:

perfect, thank you!
gonna link this to my client as a recommendation.