Is My Patch Too Big?

I’ve been working on an enormous patch, I’ve just added a new section of it, now joining connections takes half a second and the output freezes.
Is my patch just too big!
Is there anything I can do to optimise it?


i have no statistics about actual node counts, but we had also quite huge patches in the past. it is true that vvvv gets slower with big node counts, but it is more a slight degradation than a sudden slowdown when a certain limit is reached.

beware of modules containing many modules containing many modules containing many modules. this can hide much internal complexity. internally the vvvv graph stays “flat”, so each submodule internally creates all nodes and connects them directly within one big root patch. with this you can easily get huge node counts, as each instance of each subpatch internally creates many nodes.

otherwise a slowdown is often related to high spread counts.

if often helps to have an eye on the memory usage of vvvv (see the task manager or the Memory nodes) - when Windows need to swap out memory to disk, things will go slower by an order of magnitude

There are some nested nested nested things! I am going back through and optimising stuff as much as I can, but Im not a tidy patcher!
I presume its swapping to disk, I’ll check out the memory nodes to see!