Is it possible to send & receive midi data from arduino using firmata?

Im working on this project where I want to connect my computer doing projections (with VVVV) and my drum machine at the same time. What I want is to synchronise shifts in the projections with shifts in the beats.

The way the drum machine works is that when it recieves a midi message telling it to change to another sequence it waits until the current sequence is finished before it changes. And thus, I need the data stream to basically be

Button Pressed -> Change Sent to Drum Machine -> drum machine waits (x) and changes -> sends data back to arduino -> data sent to computer to enact change in projections.

Or some variant.
The simplest answer seems to be going into the StandardFirmata software on the arduino and integrating midi communication which responds to the buttons being pushed by triggering certain outputs through the drum machine then receives and translates the data into a protocol suitable for reading by firmata. This doesnt require midi reading or sending from the firmata but requires that the program in the arduino can be modified to send/recieve/translate midi messages.

On the other hand if firmata in VVVV can send and recieve midi messages then there are many other data paths that could be taken

My question is, and I hope its not too far beyond the scope of this forum, is this or a variant which achieves the same goal possible?

Any help whatsoever would be so thoroughly appreciated

Why not just use a MIDI interface and the MIDI nodes?
You can get midi interfaces that are really cheap if you don’t already have one, like:

integrating midi communication into arduino when you can control everything in vvvv sounds a bit over-engineered. i’d rather read the button in vvvv, send a midi message to the drum machine and also let the drum machine send its trigger back to vvvv and then change the projection accordingly.

Thankyou so much, really. My audio interface doesnt have midi outputs so I think I ruled that out early on and its actually a really good idea.

The difficulty would be that I would still need the arduino or vvvv to recognize midi, is that easy enough? I havent succeeded at that yet.

dumb question, will keep working at it, its obviously possible, I just need to keep working :p

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