Is it possible to place 2 single webcam input to a single digital display

Hi everyone,

i’m currently doing a project that requires real time video interaction between 2 parties.

my concept in short is to have 2 webcams capture something but the digital output is only on one window.

then users can do anything they want and the cameras are programmed to periodically capture the images/sihouettes onto that one digital display!

it would be nice if anyone can help me! just to point in the right direction into getting such a existing software that supports what i am trying to do or anything that can help me accomplish it!

I’ve browse through the forums here and but i can’t seem to find anything to make it work.

thanks in advance guys!

inert, digital media student.

sure, thats a easy task. just look at the “videoin” helppatch. duplicate everything except the renderer. route booth quad outs to one renderer with “group (ex9)”.

don’t be shy and just ask if you don’t know further.


thanks andreas.

sure i’ll ask when i have more questions :)