Is it possible to make perfect video looping with filestream (vlc)?

hi all !
After some experiments, I have a little doubt…
I have a hd 1080p video which I need to loop: it’s like a dvd first screen: a real loop to give impression that film is infinite time.

After lot of codecs (mjpeg, mjpeg2000,h264,wmv…), none are suitable:
always little freeze, and a PLOC sound at the loop point…

would some of you have already succeeded to do this ?
thanks for your answer !

you could give Player (EX9.Texture) a try. i always encountered a small lag with filestream nodes.

thanks for your answer !
Player (EX9.Texture) doesn’t seem to be able to read movies, am I right ?

so the idea would be to export each frame of a movie and synchronize sound with images ? is that right ?

maybe I do really wrong, but I’m surprised about doing this sync, or just a clean loop of hd file…

for a perfect loop, the only way is using image sequence in player. no doubt about that.

if your footage let you make crossover beginning/end you can patch with Process

ok-this is my first attempt to sync waveplayer with player.
and it’s messy… :-)
is it possible to improve the patch ?

I estimate the frame difference between waveplayer and player…

any ideas ? maybe boygroup could help me ?

ps: thanks dimix I’ll check your link out !

I’ll post jpeg and wav file in one hour.

player in sync audio forums.v4p (36.0 kB)

here’s the link to test with medias:

available in 1 hour

Using waveplayer unfortunately won’t work. Have a look here:

hm…ok so maybe there is no solution ?