Is it possible to input mesh into custom .NET node?

Is it possible to input mesh into .NET node, not using raw vertex/index data?

I don’t know how many of you here are developing nodes for vvvv, maybe you are just patching. But these nodes has to come from somewhere.

I posted another post, but nobody seams to answer. Perhaps I didn’t make myself clear.

There are interfaces for generating mesh output from node, but there are none for mesh input.

Another question: is anyone here interested on PhysX nodes for vvvv. Perhaps working on better implementation. I wrote some code for this, .NET PhysX mapper is used… This is why I need to input mesh as pointer into node, so I could use mesh spreads.

hi matise,
i’m vvvery interested in a physx node in vvvv, but unfortunately i don’t know how to help you, my programming skills vvvery pooor (i can do the betatester, if in future it’s needed ;)))


mesh input is not possible in plugins, only output is supported.

Also working on 3d physics, but using bullet physics instead (access to the source code is quite useful to tweak some stuff to adapt vvvv style), so maybe if you come on irc channel or skype can check up on this.

I don’t know why mesh input is not possible, it would be really usefull.
I guess if there is a way to find GUID for the mesh it would be possible to create node pin that could receive mesh pointer.

I think I’m very wrong about this… I should receive transform spread into my mesh node and then cook mesheses according to transform spread count. It is not possible to create spread of pointers, or is it. I will rewrite these nodes from scratch and then upload sources, sorry for my stupidity. :D I will write nodes using v2 interfaces.

I recently updated my hardware (gone from AMD to Intel) and now I’m having problems with windows, so don’t expect sources soon. I need to reinstall everything. As I’m working on .NET, MS SQL system there is much to setup…

It would be nice to have hardware accelerated physics in vvvv. This works really fast if you have nvidia.

the upcoming bullet 3.x will get some really nice openCL acceleration which should work on both vendors chipsets. so physix is hopefully on it’s way out and the ati/nvidia drama will stop at some point…

just my 0.02€ ;)

Hi!I am trying to create PhysX analoge of Box2d plug in,but I have a problem with plugin structures.Here is my error/I think that it is wrong pointer but i never used vvvv before. screenshot:

hello sysgod, your problem seems not to be related to this thread, please make a new one.

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