Is it possible to frameserve using vvvv?

what karistouf said :)

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@Poof Arkaosonly recently implemented texture sharing with GrandVJ. Even there, its a one way street for Windows users. (here)

Workarounds have always been a part being a tech creative. And fun, in a masochistic way! While I agree that Syphon is amazing and it would be great to share textures/video across programs, Syphon-DirectX alternative isn’t the sole responsibility of the vvvv team; Syphon wasn’t created by Cycling '74. And this isn’t an arms race.

In the last 12 month a lot of very interesting developments have been taking place in vvvv land - OpenCV, OpenGL experiments(same guy), vvvv.js, GPU Particle library, advanced render engine (several guys), and a whole bunch of other things I fear I’ll never get around to learning (ie StructureSynth).

All of the above stuff has been brought to you by members of the community, freely and sweetly for your benefit, and all possible because the vvvv team have encouraged their input by making the software eco-system open. They do listen and they do respond. They will again. They’ve made you a pretty patch switcher. Can’t argue with that.

Anyway. Could a plugin for a vvvv-virtual-camera device be made out of this? I imagine one could stream to Virtualdub for encoding Flash Live Media Encoder for web streaming, and maybe other programs that can see a directshow hardware source:-

What is it about Jitter that makes it ahead?

jitter has 6 letters, 2 more than vvvv.

Poof I think your looking at v4 as just a vjing program, which its not, it can be, but its it’s a whole lot more than that, your also equating Resolume with being a professional software, which its not, its ok at what it does, but I have experienced many crashes mid show with r4/avenue, for professional media servers please look to catalyst/hippotizer/pandoras box/etc they cost a lot more than vj software, and are more limited in many ways, but they are much more stable and suitable for shows where things must not go wrong!
I have built media servers with compatible features to these professional servers with v4 and used them for live television shows in the past, the Olympics handover I did had 20million viewers worldwide, and v4 didn’t let me down, I would not use avenue for such a task.
For vjing I like to have a hardware mixer myself, trying to ,making do with 1 laptop is not the best approach IMHO unless I’m doing a known show with a band for example, and with bands I often use v4 with patches and many scenes within one patch, also check out the evaluate pin for combining many big patches.
The best integration with vj software with a patching environment is quartz composer, but unfortunately that has serious lacks in other areas, you have to write java script plugins to even get basic things like vector operations in that!
I have also had stability issues using syphon, nothing is perfect! Thats not to say that things can’t be improved but the dev’s here are constantly pushing things on, at the last node festival, we all voted (well the people who use v4 for installations!) for more stability vs more features, and that has been addressed, and we have more features as well! If you have specific issues then post about them in the forums and someone may well be able to help.
My preferred use of a windows based syphon would be to syphon from vj software into v4 rather than the other way around as the mapping capabilities of v4 are world leading 3d projected textures, uv textrues, quad mapping, bezier masking, soft edging the list goes on, what else can do all that?
I have to admit that I haven’t looked at jitter in years as v4 does almost everything I need it to, but if it has features that you miss please feel free to suggest them, karistouf’s thread on fx modules led to a great surge of activity that greatly improved shaders in v4 thanks to the tireless efforts of unc, and others.
So rather than be negative about v4 being lacking, be positive and tell us what you think v4 needs and the community might well push thing onwards!

well anybody still not sure about texture sharing with directx check out there’s a little OSC protocoll for it through UDP as well (described here and there’s not a single performance impact i’ve tried it with 11 shared textures (all of them was 1024*768) with 6 instances of vvvv once and it worked fast and without any problem. btw this feature of directx is there since 2006 way before syphon but microsoft hasn’t made straightforward documentation for it and of course syphon got that trendy eye-candy what every mac related product has so it became more famous.

Oooo thats interesting :)
I get lots of division by zero errors whe I try and run your patch, but looks like great fun!

yeah i haven’t figured out what’s causing those division by 0 errors but they seem harmless just ignore them (“ok and hide”)

it’s todo, when you don’t have connected controller

Microdee could you provide a lind of wiki step by step?

well i haven’t written a step by step and i haven’t created a wiki page yet just an interaction summary. i’ll create both as soon as i’ll have time for that

vvvv entry point not found

The procedure entry point Direct3DCreate9Ex could not be located in the dynamic link library d3d9.dll

Keep getting this when I try to run vvvv_45alpha27.2.

d3d9.dll is not in the lib folder?

any ideas ???

crack.exe reports all ok, all other vvvversions ok…

wow do you have windows vista or above? because dx9ex is working only on vista or win7

Win XP pro 32bit service pack 3.0
Dell Inspiron 9400
4 gig Ram
Nvidia 7900 go GS 256mb memory.

yep shared textures doesn’t work on xp. because that’s an 11 years old operating system and because as i said directx 9 ex (and above) only works on vista and above

How about making v work off of more than one thread? We all have multicore machines at yet were working back in 1999 for performance. I might as well buy a p4 and call it a day, no use blowing $$$ on extra cores that dont even get used. Actually, screw cores, run everything off the gpu, why is that getting so much resistance? How is jitter better than v? Alot of their nodes are gpu accelerated. If i wanted the same thing in v i’d have to “write my own plugins”. Yeah, ok, in addition to learning this program i’ll go ahead and learn three different programming languages just to get it to work well enough to push something out that doesnt look like a bunch of chaotic garbage. And for all those who are posting videos of nicely lit rendered CG scenes and claiming their doing it in realtime, post your patches, otherwise i call bullshit. It takes hours to render the same thing in xsi, some beta program working of a single 2.4ghz core isnt going to output 1/1000th the quality in realtime.

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random.v4p (8.1 kB)

poof calm down, please!

and then:

  • take a cup of tea, lean back and explore this website
  • learn about where to find resources, techniques and stuff others share
  • if you’re interested in the low-level insights (gpu acceleration, threading, etc.) read more wiki pages and start threads about things you don’t understand/find - if there’s a feature request, start an own thread for it.
  • don’t be confused by some terms used in conjunction with vvvv
  • everything you know is wrong

advanced mode:

  • if you don’t want to learn new things, you better keep making old things
  • if your things look like a bunch of chaotic garbage, create other things (if you don’t like chaotic garbage)
  • if you want videos of nicely lit rendered CG scenes, you might consider using not a software with focus on realtime (or call it bullshit)

just for my interest, how does gpu-acceleration work in jitter?

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