Is it possible to frameserve using vvvv?


Just so this derailed thread can have a proper answer here is the jist of the response to my initial question:

So um, if you want v to do something that it cant do, then go get yourself a CS degree and figure it out for yourself.

chill out poof vvvv is a higher-level IDE for mainly artists. compare it to visual studio which is a lower-level IDE. microsoft has a very good documentation about how to use it. but they won’t tell you what you should use it for it’s not their job. it’s the job of higher education where you can learn it or if you’re on your own try to implement theories you like into practice in the logical system of a programming language (however this requires deep understanding of both the theory you’re implementing and the programming language you’re working in).
vvvv’s documentation is for “understanding the programming language” part and it does a very good job in that (i think). but what you’re asking for is the implementation of a specific theory which is well described in nvidia’s GPU Gems and straightly applicable in vvvv and it’s already in the contributions (MRE). however if you don’t want to fuss around graphics as low-level as you can in vvvv go to where all modern real-time graphics methods are implemented already and even it supports 11 separate platforms. but it’s a much specific and higher level system than vvvv which means it is useful only for creating games and similar personal real-time applications.

tutorial how to make high quality 3d scenes

Ehi! Do u want even to tell me what to do with my life? This is unconceivable. Lot of time ago I got my C64 and was really intentioned in learning BASIC; then, for tons of reasons, I had not the chance to dive into it. Now I found in vvvv the long lost friend. So is this wrong? I don’t think so.
I will never do something really good with vvvv? Probably. But this is my problem, not vvvv’s.

poof, i think you should go there and forget VVVV, you are not minded to it.

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Or if frame serving into after effects is that important buy a Mac and use quartz composer and noise industries plugins, you can create your own plugins for afx in quartz composer, but it’s no where near as easy as v4, and of course you don’t want to buy a mac either, is hacking tosh it…
Tbh if you don’t want to learn then go elsewhere v4 requires an active mind and imagination, making realtime gfx with quality is a difficult and skilled job with many variables, go leech greyscale gorilla tutorials …

I’d like to play guitar like Hendrix but dont want to dedicate my life to it, why can’t the Internet do it go me?

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You got my hopes up there for a second until i clicked on the link and saw the entirety of it:

For best rendering results try using the mre-multipass-render-engine.

It is also recommended you work you way through the contributions and view examples in the girlpower folder in your vvvv installation to see and learn if there is anything relevant to the way you would like to work with vvvv.

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