Is it possible to filter Channel by Author?

Can I filter channels by author in the channel workflow?
something like Where node?

ChannelAuthorFilterIssue.vl (11.1 KB)

A channel is only supposed to have one author at a time, so the way you want to use it (where you are trying to get the inner values from the Where region,) is not the way to go. It would be better to use it with an If region.

You can get the LatestAuthor in the Where region, it is fine to have a link into a region…

But usually, events send an EventArgs and not the value directly, where you have Sender and other information that makes filtering easier. I don’t know why channels are designed without EventArgs.

@Hadasi, I’m not sure you understand what I’m asking for.
To be honest, the screenshot is not as descriptive as it should be.

I want to filter Author in the way of Where nodes.

@tonfilm Can I suggest a FilterAuthor node for a more fluid workflow?
And it’s actually an interesting idea!

My main concern is that there is no real observable context for this kind of solution. Isn’t that right?

You can make a helper node for your personal library, but a good idea.

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Is it only available for non generic types only?

Generic channels are also ungeneric channels, it is a super type. Like Sequence is a super type of Spread. That means all nodes of the ungeneric channel work for the generic channel.

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I made the example

FilterAuthorExample.vl (36.1 KB)


More generic approach



FilterAuthorExample2.vl (43.2 KB)


Can you explain why Channel and Channel (Ungeneric) categories have so different sets of function? For example, LatesetAuthor in Channel (Ungeneric), but Value only in Channel

In the upcoming preview, we will show you all the nodes.
When choosing Channel you’ll see those of Channel (UnGeneric) as well.