Is it possible to compare Ventuz and VVVV?

Hello everyone!

I recently started to learn vvvv and TD. In parallel, I am following other software.

Question - recently came across a software called ‘Ventuz’. The community has no comments about this product? What are the strengths and weaknesses? Is it possible to compare VVVV and Ventuz?

Thank you!

we had this thread once, maybe it helps you:

ventuz is made for timeline-based animation, shows and presentations. you could say powerpoint on steriods. meaning ventuz has many convenient tools like a very powerful timeline.

vvvv can do similar things but lacks the convenient toolset. its rather a flexible technology sandbox were you have to put in more work at some point. but you can do more with vvvv meaning everything beyond presentations.

Thank you for the link! Very informative.
The only thing that confuses - message by 2012.
Much has changed?


“powerpoint on steriods” ))) Cool.

I looked at the video tutorials.
it also has a Node structure to build the project.
This is not a realtime tool?
He may not like VVVV handle incoming streams?

it is a realtime tool and it gets constantly updated.

see here:

but to make this clear, i prefer the vvvv sandbox way ;)

although ventuz owns the godfather of timeline editors

Just popped in from lurking to clarify from the Ventuz non-religious “we like everyone” standpoint…

VVVV and Ventuz are, though in some ways similar, very different toolsets. They have similar concepts in them (they are both non-linear, DirectX realtime 3D authoring frameworks) which can make it easy to assume they are competitors, but in reality they have fundamentally different approaches, use cases and philosophies and are more often used together than in a mutually exclusive way.

VVVV can do many things that Ventuz cannot, and Ventuz does a bunch of things much better then VVVV.

To give a pro and counter example, Ventuz is quite extensively used in Broadcast Television, so it has a very, very robust and powerful live video and videoclip architecture, but it is currently not set up for doing procedural generative content.

Use a hammer to hammer nails, use a screwdriver to put in screws. :)

Erik (@Ventuz)

&thanks u7angel for posting the new documentation - that other link was from several years ago…

that timeline! it’s… just so… beatiful!


Many thanks for the clarification!
Now I better understand Ventuz place in the food chain.
Despite his less flexibility than VVVV, Ventuz is a powerful tool.
Ventuz tools can capture the area Unity3D and d3 technologies))) …
It seems to me.

@feodus: Ventuz is Lady Gaga, vvvv is Merzbow


thank you all for your answers!

I summed up the final line.
So much falls into place after comparing features and prices of the product)))
Do you know how much it costs a full set Ventuz?

  • Somewhere about $ 15,000.

Something tells me that VVVV and TD just awesome tools )))

feodus, i guess ventuz has a different focus than unity, its not a game engine nor is it “just” a video playback system like d3.

@microdee, lady gaga :)