Irrklang cannot set up a stereo or surround setup

i’m trying to use irrklang for positioning sounds in space, but noticed a strange thing. i’m not able to positioning sound, really i can’t set up a simple stereo set too.
attached a patch, with an object going from left to right, but the sound here simply change intensity when the object is far, but not the positioning in stereo output.
what am i doing something wrong?

irrklang example stereo ping pong (900.2 kB)

i just tried out on my pc , in your patch the stereo doesn’t work when opening but tweaking a bit the param make it work , i’m not using that much irrklang since a while , and i have no realy explenation about how i make it work ! , so you may have to experiment a bit with the minimal and maximun distance also maybe up vector also don’t hesitate to check the irrklang forum , you can find many hint there.
Also i noticed that you may have to stop all sound sometimes and restart them for some parameter to take effect probably a bug…
i post a version of your patch working on my machinne with stereo.
Regarding the 3D sound with 4 channel or so , i never tried it out , check out also irrklang board regarding that thing.

Irrklang (sound 1) help.v4p (23.7 kB)