Irrklang 3D Sound

I came across a bug in b30 and b30.2 which was also present back in 27.2 and hasn’t been fixed since then apparently.
The Irrklang inputs View XYZ and View Direction XYZ only take the first slice of a 3D Vector.
So basically you can put Sounds in 3D Space, but moving the camera only affects the X Position.


well, if you don’t mention bugs, they’ll likely not be fixed.
if you cannot fix this on your own for this it would be best to hunt down @phlegma who was the last one working on that node…

Never came across it before, so I wasn’t able to post it.
I wasn’t aware of this until now, sorry if it came accross like this.

Just checked some old random version (v27.2) and it was already there.
phlegma is on vacation, I’m going to fix it and submit a pull request.

Pull Request on its way, apart from what I described here, there were some more small issues. It’s working fine for me now.