IRC (Network Open)


I have question about IRC (Network Open) .
if anyboy who knows…

  1. Does it support server encode setting? it looks doesnt…

i want to setting in/out encode like this
freenode {
port: 6667
in-encoding: utf8
out-encoding: utf8

  1. and does it stable? it stop frequently in my environment…


hei guest,

i’m afraid the IRC nodes are quite dated and indeed don’t allow you to specify encoding.

if you’re into coding your own plugin i’d start from a library like this:

which should be fairly trivial to wrap into a node (if you can code, or know someone who can).

Thank you for your response.
I want to control Jägermeister server via twitch irc chat.
Because Jägermeister and Game have good chemistry.

So I have tried to make Twitch channel irc hookup app like him.

Twitch chat irc

Twitch api

using IRC (Network Open).
I think authorize is ok. working property.
but sometimes it return improperly encoded text .
In my country use multibyte characters typified by East Asia language. reason is that.
Then I have check another irc clients, it seems they send encoding type to server.

Unfortunately, I have no skill for make plugin now ,
so I will need search someone who can code and jägermeister friends.
Anyway Thank you for your reply despite your busy.

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