IPv4 space data visualization


@fibo I guessed some space was reserved for something else and I noticed the responsive design, but right now the right side it’s simply empty and, on pc (big screens), content feels like it’s squashed on the left.
I just thought that, meanwhile the UI is prepared, centering content would add some balance to the page. Obviously, IMHO. Also, being everything into one div, this will center your content and leave equal margins (if any) on the sides, when the rest of UI will be ready.
Mi rendo conto di come si tratti di un consiglio non richiesto, con tutto quello che ne consegue. Sinceramente, però, non volevo intromettermi e giudicare, sia chiaro.


ogni feedback è bene accetto, a dire il vero per ora è fermo perchè penso di rifarlo in SVG per poter implementare lo zoom quando clicchi sulla casella, che sicuramente è più di effetto.

Sei a Milano o in zona?


@fibo Certo che zoomare sul quadrato selezionato sarebbe veramente d’effetto. Comunque ci puoi lavorare anche con js; solo che non mi rendo conto di niente col codice mini. Sono in mezzo all’Italia, fai Perugia.


il repo è su GitHub ma è private, se mi dici il tuo nick e vuoi vedere ti do l’accesso


@fibo lo stesso del forum


ti ho aggiunto, c’e un branch SVG


hi fibo, looks super cool. interesting data set and amazing hardware setup to mine it :D

What kind of additional data could you mine from the ip space?

I can imagine to make a 3d visualization with vvvv.js using the instancing shader and DLOD on GPU

If we could fetch additional classification data from google search results or another service, then we could sort it in a 3d space according to similarity, which might give interesting clusters.


HI tekcor,

thank you. If you are in a browser you can get many other infos from the IP. The Country, the domain name, its favicon, if it is a website, and many more.

Please let me know if there is a repo or something with a vvvv.js patch (so I can learn more how to use vvvv.js by trying to contribute.

@velcrome I could install last thursday vvvv-Message with vpm, sorry for the delay, I had no chance to run the patch since I had not a Windows computer, (now I got one with only vvvv installed :)


okey thats awesome!

right now i am working on some guides and examples.

If you want to get startet yourself, i can give you a private seassion.
The documentation is a bit outdated at the moment so I am happy to assist here.

It is definately possible to parse your data into buffers for using it in instancing shaders. which could be totaly interesting. depending of the viewer, you could dynamically sample a texture atlas which is created from the requested favicons and stuff like that.

how much data points are there at the moment?



I have 46672 json files, the 100% is something like 65500.


Any results?
I would like to see how the project got


Interesting project! A friend of mine had a similar approach, but translated it into space. Interrestingly, by pinging so many ips you get to see all those locked ip ranges.

I am looking forward to see your piece


Sorry guys, did not finished 100% scan yet, my server provider was too bad. I will move on Amazon and purchase some computing resource to at least get all data (ahaha before 2025, when IPv4 will be dismissed :)