Iphone/ipod - x/y touch data

hi all , im using javascr ipt/html with http server to get x/y touch data from an iphone,

im currentley getting strings back from the http reciver , how can i get theses to atchual values that i can do something with???

see attached


tuch.html (1.5 kB)
iphonexy.v4p (6.0 kB)

hu… may be you would like this but this is a commercial one : TouchOSC

Than I would go for open source Mrmr also OSC. I have no Iphone, so no idea what it is about.

Mrmr is now available from the app store as well as cydia
it’s learning curve is a bit steeper than touchosc but it’s worth it in the end. also it’s best to have a mac to edit the config files but you can also do it by hand