Ipad/Android as a second monitor

Hi guys,

There are a number of apps available that essentially turn your tablet or phone as an extra monitor to your PC.

I couldn’t find one that is free, so before I buy one I thought to ask here if anyone has try using it before… and if it works ok with VVVV.

I want to transfer the patch on my tablet and play video content there.

anyone tried?


As io mentioned Teamviewer works on iPad and iPhone and Windows with vvvv. I’ve used it and tested patches it works smoothly; the only problem is some of the keyboard and mouse steps for instance the middle mouse click for vvvv menu etc, but it is easy to use it to have a full screen vvvv display in real-time with very minimal lag, the iPad shows whatever the PC is showing on its desktop and you can control vvvv or any program from the iPad using your finger touch.

Thanks both of you.

Will give it a try.

i know this is kind a offtopic, but we use ipad with vvvv and webinterface https://vimeo.com/65624004

Hi… I tried IDisplay… it works by WiFi… don’t need to work over internet… is faster than the internet standard here in Bolivia… usually the conections have 512 Kbps…

Yes iDisplay is good for local (through wifi) setup. It is great to have an extended monitor for controlling GUIs, it is fast too. The same company makes RDM+ Remote Desktop for Mac and Windows which is like Teamviewer: