IP node

Im using the IP node to get the IP of a machine so I can send some TCP and UDP, however if Hamachi is running ( which I need for trouble shooting from a distance!) the IP node reports the hamachi address, and I need the LAN. Is there any work around? If not can I make a request for an adapter pin for the node!



your request makes sense. alternatively it could output a spread of all IP adresses.

In the mean time you could probably use ShellExecute to call the command line utilty {CODE(ln=>0)}ipconfig^ and redirect its output into a file, which you could load with Reader and parse it with RegExpr. Or do this once in the Autostart.

Or you could google, if there is any possibilty of renumbering the network adapters. I bet vvvv will always use either the last or the first or something as a default adapter.

i checked our source which could be easily adapted to output a spread of all ip adresses. in the meanwhile the ip-node returns the ip-number of the localhost adapter. maybe it is configurable via windows which of the adapters is the localhost.

Thanks Guys!


btw. the sequence of adapters can in fact be configured via:
Network Connections > Advanced > Advanced Settings

Thats great! Thanks Joreg!
Still be good to get a spread out, but that sorts it for now, brilliant