Ip cameras?

hi ! i m preparing a new project.

has anybody any idea on hom to reveive this IP camera in vvvv?


or does anybody have any idea on how to receive in general this type of camera inside vvvv for 25 fps rate ?


they don’t mention a directshow driver so i bet there isn’t one. they sell the cam with their software viewer but somewhere they talk about a SDK. you can probably program your own c# plugin.

kind of a workaround is using their viewer and capture the video with the screenshot node. i doubt that’s an efficient way though ;)

or access the browser viewer with the html-renderer and get the video with GDItexture.

or buy a camera with directShow driver or existing plugin like the uEye cams.

many thanks !
its very clear !!!

have you got any recommandations about such a little cam in hdtv size and good color captor without auto-focus ?