Ip cameras controling sound

My main problem is to input live feed ip cam to VVVV.
I searched the whole forum and everything similar to this topic, but no luck.

Idea is to use hacked ip cams like this one ( to control sound (color and motion tracking).

Is there a way to input cameras like these in VVVV ?

More about webcam hack here:

i’ll appreciate any help!


webcamxp pro
has a DirectShow Filter

circuitb, thanks for the support!
WebcamXp works fine, just what i needed but i cant get any image in VVVV :(
VIdeoIn node is showing ipcam inputs but no image

hi ivan.

for my part i had to use VHSCRAP a third party software allowing screen capture as there was no wdm driver working ( helas)

for your multiple ip, what i could suggest to you:

first approach:
-create a rendere(HTML), feeded to the Ip Cam adress
-connect at its output a GDI Texture(EX9)
-feed your quad and create like this your set of four cameras

second approach:
if this approach doesnt works ( white flashs on screen because of active x troubles), i would suggest you to create an html page with your 4 cameras embeded inside of it.
then use VHSCRAP to capture it on an internet explorer or a html renderer
( trouble with vhscrap it shows only one instance as video driver)


Hey Chris!
First off all, happy new year!
Thank you for your kindness and help.

I already tried that first approach but no luck (Axis ActiveX Camera Control
could not be registered on your computer).

second approach is working !
VHSCRAP is working just fine, all i need to do now is to listen to your advice and make one url with 4 cams and then in VVVV I’ll split them in 4!

Thank you so much i will report my progress !

my pleasure ! if you find other way, just let us know ;-)

I have awesome software for ip cameras controling video and sound all, check it http://www.videocapx.com

not working for me