IP cam with VLC

Hi vvvvorum!

I want to open ip cam in vvvv with VLC player.
I can open my ip cam in VLC if i add rtsp.
But i dont know how connect ip cam with vvvv?


Hi @h99 !

If I use the render, then I need to enter your login and password, but I can not click on the button below.

In IE it works

I want the video to appear as soon as the VLC player that did not need to enter a username and password.

I’d say that Submit Form and Set Form element Value are there for this reason. There should be examples on how to use them, though I can’t find 'em. But it shouldn’t take too many tries too understand how to operate them (not true at all: I still haven’t found a way; missing some crucial knowledge).

Anyway, if you get to login, there may be issues with GDI, as in the thread linked. You should post what you find, though.