IObox (value) and spreads

Hi mates!
I didn’t understood well what’s the difference between spreads and list of values and that’s why I’m stuck right here!

Please take a look at my patch and tell my why I can’t easily link more IObox(value) to another IObox(value) to “push” the values in this last one.

Thank you very much for your tips :)

Here’s my try (10.4 kB)

as far as i know there is no difference. An IOBox is handled as a spread in VVVV.

do you wanted to achieve this?

maybe.v4p (12.8 kB)

Yep, an Iobox is handled as a spread, with the slight difference, that when you use Herr Inspector (CTRL+I), and change the slice count mode to ColsRowsPages, you wil get a fixed amount of slices.

The Iobox is only used to modify or pass a vallue, and with passing I mean just for viewing purposes, like you already have seemed to figure out.

You can also ‘spread’ the < and > sign.

I never used the MidiNoteOut before, I like it :)

maybe-2.v4p (12.6 kB)