IOBox (Value Advanced) > Dynamic Number ouf Columns and Rows

hello vvvvlers,

i am searching for a solution to have dynamic ammount of rows and columns for an IOBox (in my case toggle).

after i have converted images to 1 und 0 and i have different resolutions,
to control the result i have to change the values (columns and rows) of the iobox.

if it is possible to define the ammount of columns and rows outside herr inspektor with a numerical input, i will be more happy than i already am.

thanks in advance,

IOboxes are not really intended for that use, but I think it is possible with some getpatch and setpatch magic

or do it with quads in a renderer

well you would’t want many ioboxes anyway thay are slow as hell FPS wise

@sunep: thank you for introducing me to GetPatch/SetPatch!