Iobox toggle by midi-note

create a patch, that will toggle some parameters with iobox(value) in toggle mode (0,1), when different midikeys be pressed on midikeyboard

i press a c4 midi note, and iobox#1 toggle to 1, and stay with this value of 1, until i press c4 midi note again. and when i press c4 midi note second time, then iobox#1 toggles to 0

i guess that solution is simple - but i stuck with it.

that will be used to change presets within vvvvpatches. if there any other nice examples - i will be glad to look at them.

thanx in advance

use Toggle

toggle.v4p (3.1 kB)

…and keep in mind that this TogEdge (Animation) before is really important for debouncing.