IOBox - Spreads


I really love the new IOBoxes in the Gamma preview (273).
That’s a huge improvement, congratulations guys!

I like the middle-click behavior to open the Inspektor.
However it’s a pain to have to write Spread<Float32>by hand just to create a spread (and more, to not have it in the list…)

It would be easier to have a “Spread” toggle just under the “Type” toggle in the Inspektor.
Clicking it would change automatically Your-type to Spread<Your-type>.

hei ludnny, glad you like them.

indeed creating those manually is still a pain. your proposed solution wouldn’t go very far though, since it would only allow Spread but not Spread of Spread. or even Spread of Dictionary…see?

so what is planned:

  • have autocomplete for Spread… for type annotations
  • allow to create spread ioboxes directly via the nodebrowser

but also you know that often you don’t have to manually create those since you can simply start a link from a spread-pin and then middelclick to have the correct iobox created?!

That makes sense!

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