IOBox Memory Issue

Just discovered a memory issue.

To reproduce please:

*close vvvv and restart 40beta16
*open taks manager to observe memory usage of vvvv.exe
*only add one IObox (Value Advanced)
*change the value of the iobox by dragging the right mouse button
*the memory usage of vvvv.exe increases
*but does not fall back.

can somebody reproduce?

the quicker you patch the safer your patch. hehe!

btw. same behavior with IObox (Color)

I think it is the Undo stuff that fills up memory? But a few kb for 1 value… hmzz…

might be. mabe one of the devvvv gurus has an answer. ??

oh well i think west is right.
every action is put into the history and when dragging at an iobox there might be added some entries per second.
each history entry is a object structure representing an xml snippet.

  • PATCH nodename=“C:\bar\foo.v4p”
    • NODE id=“8”
      • PIN pinname=“secretparameterHACK!” slicecount=“1” values=“17.331”

(xml not supported by tiki?)

something like that. each tag or attribute is internally represented by an object to be able to be faster in case of undo/redo.

in the taksmanager it looks like 3KB or so for a single value change (when editing by keyboard). that could be the size of such a object structure. so i think that would be the explanation already.

thank you! maybe it would make sense to restrict the undo steps via commandline?

thats another snippet of valuable “WotsHappningInside” information.
let’s put all related knowledge on UnDo