IOBox input a value

Hello Forum,

when doubleclicking an IOBox (ValueAdvanced) to input a new value via keyboard there is always the x-value displayed regardless of the “Slider Constraints” setting in the Inspektor. Is this a bug or a feature?

I would like to change the value that is displayed when doubleclicking the node…


it should always be the Y value (you should always use the Y pins if using IOBox (Value Advanced) in the standard, onedimensional case).

this is the case for all new ioboxes, or just for one specific in a patch?

of course, it is the y-Value. And I meant the y-value. Excuse my typing-error, didn’t want to confuse…

well, my IOBox is set to:
Slider Constraints: scY
Show Slider: on
SliderBehavior: Slider
the other values are at default.

…this way the (x-)value can be easily changed via slider, the (x-)value is shown and is being delivered via left outlet.

But, now this (x-value) cannot be edited by doubleclickting because in this case it is always the y-value that is edited.
I use the x-value only because I need a horizontal slider but would prefer having the option to enter the value manually.

so is this behavior intended, bug or did I just overlook the apropriate setting?


sory. it is a bug then.