Iobox freeze bug

I ran into this bug for the first time.

I saw this bug had been discussed in the chat by @Texone on Tuesday

Using 6.2 stable

The bug is freezes when I was scrolling an iobox. Had it in a float32 iobox and a matrix iobox. Seems to only freeze the gamma UI, not skia or stride. I took a video.

I cannot reproduce this bug, it remains through pressing F9 but disappeared when I closed and reloaded vvvv. So I could not test on other versions or make a test patch.

I had been patching for a while, put the laptop to sleep for a few hours, came back. and noticed this.

I’m using skia but added the stride scenewindow just to get the profiler.

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Using 6.3 stable and can confirm its still happening during patching.

I was also unable to reproduce it.
Still investigating…

We found an issue introduced with the 6.0 release potentially causing large memory allocations when changing values. It could very well be that those allocations also caused the described mini freezes. A fix can be found in the latest preview build (6.5-0018).