Hi everybody,

I am just wondering how can you change the values from an IOBOX(Enumeration) node. By default there is: stereomix and sigmaTelAudio… i want to change it to paths in my computer to have a quick access to some files. However, i can’t find the place where i can change the enumeration values and the help patch don’t say where it is. Please help me i need to get this working because it will save me a lot of time.

Thanks you,

An Enum will be filled with the information it is getting when you connect it to an Enumeration Pin of a node, like the FONT pin of the TEXT node.

There are no nodes that will give you a list with paths of files as an Enum (unless you make it your self), but enums still are a bit buggy.

But you can go many other routes to make yourself a folder selection patch, depending on the way you want to make use it.

FileSelectrBasic.v4p (16.9 kB)