IO Logic Problem

Hey folks,

I’ve been crushing my brain all day, but couldn’t find any solution. I’m sure it’s not a big problem, and you will be able to help easily.

What I want to achieve is: write values to a file, read them in again, modify them, write them back, read again…

My problem is, when I read the values from the file, they’re in a spread. Since that Spread is connected I can’t change the values. I could use something like the ±node, or SetSpread but then I don’t see the original values, just those that modify.

So what I do now is: diconnect the spread that I got from the Reader by Hand. Modify the values. Connect that to the Writer. Does anybody know a way, how to do that in an elegant way?




perhaps something like this

ShouldIReboot.v4p (7.7 kB)

i’m throwing in SetIO (Value) which would go after the reader…

Thank you Sirs!