IO Device meM PIO

maybe this is a very simply question

i make some tests with a IO meM PIO Device and it works very well.

but i`m searching for a node to hold the “1” if i press a conected physical button.
to this moment if i press the next button

thanks for your support

hhm, can’t create that node.

00:46:32 * : didn’t create node; [root.v4p ////, IO (Devices BMC meM-PIO) (ID: 9)](root.v4p ////, IO (Devices BMC meM-PIO) (ID: 9)): Klasse nicht registriert
00:46:32 * : couldn’t find/create node IO (Devices BMC meM-PIO) (ID: 9) in patch root.v4p ////. deleting action.

so i only can assume:
try around with
Toggle (Animation)
FlipFlop (Animation)

very important for debouncing:
TogEdge (Animation)

i think, you need the physical device to create the pio node

nevertheless thanks, i try this nodes