IO Box sizer need help with SetPatch

Hi, making some modulo to resize ioboxes in patch so they look solid
But stuck completely on SetPatch node
Concept quite simple, you select iobox, do some change (move or whatever),
it’s show’s you it box size, then you modify the values to whatever you want…

would be cool to have same to move patch and render windows around!

IOSizerTest.v4p (18.2 kB)
test.v4p (1.2 kB)

anyone?.. no text …

Not sure what you want to do, but maybe this helps get it moving…
There was an = missing somewhere in the string I think

test_1.v4p (344.9 kB)
IOSizerTest_1.v4p (21.6 kB)

hey! thank you everyoneishappy i think i’m happy now ;]
ok that helps for sure!!! got tons of io’s on my interfaces for fileselection etc!
so now i can size them proper!

will finish that, then do patch and render window positions

Hi regarding to this theme:
If you do Show Grid, and scale Io box in the interface there is always some predefined scale of the grid, might be it possible to do somekind of grid step size for scaling and positioning io’s… Something like snap to grid mode?
Because it’s kinda pain to maintain same size when you do big io interfaces!