Inverse kinematics and DX9

hi all !
i would like to draw in dx9 lines like with inverse kinematics usage in GDI.
line is only gdi, and not dx9 ( X1,Y1 - X2,Y2) . Is there any simple way to do it ?

cheers, chris

subpatch_kine(GDI).v4p (8.4 kB)

Without Questioning your reasons to go GDI ;)

Making a contionous line with 1 Line (GDI) note, you must make the endpoint of the first piece of the line the startpoint off the second piece. So make pairs like this: (A-B, B-C, C-D etc…)

I attached you a patch based on the InversedKinematics helpfile, hope you understand a bit what I mean.

InverseKinematicsLine.v4p (25.4 kB)

hi west, its always a pleasure to read you. ;-P

unfortunately, i think i was not clear…

I have well understood after playing a bit with it , the inv kinematic.

i m able to link with it images in dx9, reliables to “knee positions”.
my problem is something else:

i would like to draw the lines (and so connect visually my images ) in a dx9render.

how to do it with spreads technique or tools in dx9 functions ?
(ah ah…)


I shouldn’t reply posts BEFORE my first cup off coffee ;)

Okay, well, the Line (DX9) node works even more easy, just put your points in a Vector (3D join) and off we go. For more lines, you must understand the Binsize pin a bit better (just set it to the number off lines you expect).

And be sure you check out Sanch’s awesome SPIDER patch.

InverseKinematicsLineDX9.v4p (9.2 kB)

thanks west, I should have posted my answer AFTER my first cup of coffee. I must adapt myselef to visualisation of a spread in an IO! THANX a lot !