Inverse ArbitraryPoint

hi there,

is there a possibility to inverse an ArbitraryPoint transformation?
i want to achieve, like my example tries to show, the inverted transformation of some kind of fisheye effect. but possibly without an additional shader.
any ideas/solutions?


what example? ;^)

args. attaching doesn’t work.
this one

uh, perhaps ungefähr so:

but i’m not sure at all.

inverse_arbitrarypoint_perhaps.v4p (11.5 kB)

ah, but looks fine, i’ll give it a try. thanks!

hmm doesn’t work properly. the trapeze inverse does strange things (but that can be solved with a 2nd trapeze node) and playing on the attractor pins leads to big scale differences on the two images.

tried to work around this problem, but it came back :(

i attached a patch with more descriptions of the problem, i hope it’s clear enough now.
(perhaps it’s motivation enough that you can see me dancing :D) (502.7 kB)