Introducing myself

Hello everybody,

I’m new to the forum and just wanted to say Hi and tell a bit about myself. As a kid, I taught myself JavaScript in Internet Explorer 4 and created lots of annoying animations and interactive distractions. In 2003 I started studying computer science at the university and I learned object-oriented programming in a side job at a computer graphics institute. In the same year, i also started editing around in music visualization presets in Milkdrop for Winamp, which became my basis for learning to write reactive DX9/HLSL pixelshaders in the year 2007. At the university, I picked the software-engineering major and I got chased through all around UML metamodelling, object-oriented design patterns, and model-driven architecture. I’m also very much into artificial intelligence and continuous simulations, from formal system modelling to bringing it to the GPU. I think I have a broad and deep understanding of computing, and I’m really a visual guy.
I’ve graduated with a diploma in 2010. Today, I’m looking back on over ten years of Java development, 3 years deep into C# (metaprogramming abstract generic object trees), and a couple of years of object-oriented PHP too. I’m writing JavaScript again since the inception of WebGL in 2010, which i use mainly for a GPGPU shader boilerplate though. ;) In my spare time, I’ve programmed a wrapper around the Kinect SDK 2.0 in C# to host a WebSocket server and a Javascript client to dance with your skeletal tracking data in web pages. Since three years, I work for a biomedical imaging company. We deal with really large volumetric images, visualizing and analyzing Gigabytes of voxel data and stuff.

So, i hope you see why I’m struggling to make a proposal for a possible workshop topic. I’ve got just too plenty tricks to show off. sorry about that. (: I’m planning to be around the NODE17 for the whole week. Let’s hang out and chat. And please, feel free to peer-pressure me into giving insights into any of the topics above in a formal workshop like manner or whatever. I could offer as well to just set up an art installation with reaction-diffusion fluid simulation with the Kinect.

I’d have applied to this prior if my 4 years old XMG notebook’s graphics chip would not had died earlier this year. I had a Radeon 7970M which was super fast for the time being, but it is no more. I’ve sent it in for repair over 4 weeks ago, but the Nvidia GTX 970M which they offered me as a replacement is just not available. Now they made me another offer for a GTX 980M that is available right now, but for 900€ and I’m struggling. Keep your fingers crossed for me. I’ve set myself a limit to wait for the cheaper one until the end of May, but I’m gonna bite the bullet and buy the GTX 980M in a week else.

I’m so hyped to come and meet you all.



hei flexi,

welcome to the vvvv community! i’m afraid we couldn’t consider your workshop proposal anymore as we’ve now already finished the program. Still there will be plenty of opportunities during node to share your skills. looking foward to seeing you there!

for the listing of workshops that we’ve chosen for NODE17 please see:

Alright, how about an art installation then?

i’m afrad also the open-call for artworks was closed a while ago.


but as i said there will be plenty of opportunities to be an active participant by hosting ad-hoc talks/demos/workshops or work in the hackspace…

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this might be interesting: